Our experimental robot 'Ghumio' was built to follow people using a beacon.

Our beacon technology is now being tested for picker-position-aware side-by-side picking.


Power Pal GEN 1 has been in production since 2018. It is in production at multiple sites across US.

Towing capacity: up to 5000 pounds on flat ground. Up to 3000 pounds on ramps.

Battery life: Depends on loads. Typically lasts 6-8 hours on a single charge. Needs over night recharge.

Starting Q4 201, superseded by Power Pal GEN 2. 

Better photo coming soon

Power Pal GEN 2 starts shipping in Q4 2019. 

GEN 2 platform has an option of double the pulling weight and double the battery capacity of GEN 1 platform.

GEN 2 also offers battery hot swap option. 

More information will be posted soon.