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Anantak's technology is installed on tugs manufactured by Dane Technologies.​ Dane's Power Pal series has been in the field for over a decade.

V G V  P O W E R - P A L  2 . 0
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  • 7000lbs towing capacity

  • ​12-hour continuous use time based on load, safety cameras, lidars, buttons

  • Up to 3M per second

  • Controllable through phone/tablet, control system, cloud

  • On board calculations, cloud storage, remote diagnosis capability

  • Operational in semi-dark environments and wet floors

  • Warning and safety lights built-in

  • Operates within 5 feet of space

  • Able identify certain objects and adjust paths accordingly

Side-by-side picking

  • Used at large-scale food companies

  • Several deployments all over the US

Point-to-point delivery

  • Used at large-scale 3PLs and large-scale package shippers

  • Multiple deployments

  • Pilot concluded

Delivery with Drop-off

  • First deployment in Europe

  • Used at large-scale furniture manufacturers

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