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Anantak's technology is installed on pallet jacks manufactured by EP Equipment. These pallet jacks are perfect for heavy-duty applications and satisfy different working conditions. 





Equipped with 24V/210Ah EP Li-ion battery that supports opportunity charging

​One-time full-axis processing technology allows for a more precise working mechanism

12-hour continuous use time based on load, safety cameras, LiDARs, and buttons

Controllable through phone/tablet, control system, cloud

On board calculations, cloud storage, remote diagnosis capability

Operational in semi-dark environments and wet floors

Indicator lights on both sides showing status updates


Sensor Icon_edited_edited_edited.png

Original Design

Built from the ground up, this sensor unit utilizes a 360° comprehensive vision system including ten cameras and one LiDAR to collect data from every angle.


All autonomy components are contained within this enclosure, keeping them protected from dust, grime, and passing objects.

Precise Movement

This unit allows our pallet jack to be precise in its drop-off points which increases consistency.

Using the APJ's cutting-edge predictive control, the machine can select the best memorized route to take based off of obstructions it encounters along the way.

IMG_3490 2.png


Safety Icon_edited.png

Indicator Lights

Each pallet jack is able to display its status on either side of the machine.


Communicates to the user as it's moving, idle, compromised, and at the final destination.


Provides 270° of coverage to the machine's sensors.


Able to detect obstacles in order to stop or move around it.


Enables machines to differentiate people from various objects.


Uses infrared sensors to determine the distance to objects that effect speed changes, route selection, and station stopping.



Drop off Icon_edited.png

With Precision

Our pallet jacks are equipped with the capability to transport pallets to specific grids or parking lots as directed, and offer the convenience of allowing you to choose the desired drop-off location with a simple push of a button.


This makes it easy for you to efficiently and effectively manage the movement of pallets within your facility.


Rapid Icon_edited.png


Control where the APJ goes and where it stops along the way using the handheld device.


This device also works as a remote control as you can stop, start, speed up, or slow down the machine at will.

Route Recording

Record different paths around your warehouse for the APJ to follow at the tap of a few buttons.


Combine multiple stops and routes to move objects around quickly and efficiently.

App 2732 x 2048.png


Cloud Icon_edited.png

Continuous Map Refreshing

Any changes made to routes on one machine can be transferred to other machines in the same facility.


Machines will follow alternative paths if an object blocks the main route.

Reporting functionality

Site reports of machines are recorded daily to improve efficiency.

A consistent data stream from each machine is stored and organized that tailors to a facility.

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