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A group of Anantak VGVs at their charging station.
Oversee all operations

Our cloud autonomy platform is a powerful, secure remote operations platform built using Google's cloud technology. You will be able to gain access to real time status and historical data, command robots remotely, and upgrade tugs over-the-air all on one application.

A group of Anantak VGVs against a wall.

Track and Command Machines in the Field

Clients can monitor the status of their deployment via the Anantak Cloud Platform. Remote op teams and technicians can leverage the ANA Cloud Platform to remotely command machines, edit routes, see camera live-feeds, and check their travel history.

The Anantak Cloud Platform (ANA CP) allows for rapid deployments a remote setup and calibration process for all machines, significantly speeding up deployment times.

A close up of the front of an Anantak VGV.

See Through Tugs' Eyes, Operate By Remote

Anantak's support team and authorized client personnel can access tugs' camera images via the cloud platform.

Tugs call for help if they are blocked for a pre-determined amount of time. The remote operations team can check the tugs' environment to remotely guide the tug or call the site personnel for local help.

A close up of puck antennas.

Cloud Updates

Our technology improves continuously. We incorporate lessons from multiple sites. The use of a cloud platform provides us the ability to send software improvements over-the-air.

All robot maps are backed-up on the cloud platform if the connection bandwidth permits. This allows us to deploy the maps from one tug to others.

Anantak's logo on top of a blueprint layout of a warehouse.

All tugs generate a large volume of real time data such as their locations, what they see, their battery health, etc.

Our clients use this information to optimize their operations. Our monitoring teams can also assess health of the batteries and sensors utilizing this data.

The Cloud platform stores all real time and historical data for all tugs.

Access Historical Data

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