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Ready to work.

The integration of Anantak's advanced technology into tugs manufactured by Dane Technologies is the cornerstone of our business. These tugs are equipped to handle tasks with ease, and are built to function effectively in a range of working conditions, making them a versatile, and reliable choice for a variety of applications.

V G V  P O W E R - P A L  2 . 3
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  • 7000lbs towing capacity

  • ​12-hour continuous use time based on load, safety cameras, lidars, buttons

  • Controllable through phone/tablet, control system, cloud

  • On board calculations, cloud storage, remote diagnosis capability

  • Operational in semi-dark environments and wet floors

  • Warning and safety lights built-in

  • Operates within 5 feet of space

  • Able to identify certain objects and adjust paths accordingly


M U L T I - S E N S O R  F U S I O N

Cameras & LiDARs

  • Our tugs are equipped with sensors that provide 270° of coverage, allowing them to detect obstacles in their path and either stop or navigate around them as needed. This capability also enables the tugs to distinguish between people and other objects, ensuring that they can safely and effectively operate in a variety of environments.

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  • No need to build your warehouse around our robots, our robots are built for your warehouse

  • VGVs work with and around personnel, vehicles, and machinery that are apart of daily operations

  • Accurate detection of obstacles will be followed by a quick response of stopping, slowing down, or taking an alternate path

Point to Point

  • Tugs take the optimal route with the maps created to get to the selected stops as efficient as possible

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R E A D Y  F O R  A C T I O N


  • Regardless of the time of day or the weather conditions, our tugs are equipped and skilled at navigating through these challenges in order to maintain the smooth and efficient functioning of your operations



  • Our tugs are able to operate effectively in both bright and low light conditions, so whether the surroundings are flooded with natural light from an entryway or plunged into darkness in a dimly lit tunnel, it presents no problem for our tugs to continue their operations smoothly

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