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Using techniques from the automotive industry, we have crafted several components to optimize our machines. Each component has its own powerful capabilities which allows our machines to operate where others cannot.

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At the core of any robot is its computer, crucial for consistent and predictable operation. Anantak's robust computer is shielded by the resilient AGX-AC2 Case—a custom-built enclosure housing the multi-core GPU that drives control algorithms. Proven tough and reliable through rigorous testing and on-site deployments, this case ensures continuous protection in harsh conditions. With an additional fan ensuring optimal airflow and secure connections to prevent multiple points of failure, the AGX-AC2 Case stands as a robust and reliable solution, powering essential equipment with durability in mind.




  • Multi-core graphics processing unit (GPU)

  • Durable casing

  • Automotive grade components

  • Upgraded cooling system

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Compact yet powerful, Anantak's Thinman module offers engineers endless options for machine power distribution while seamlessly transmitting essential data. This device grants users complete control over all incoming power and its distribution throughout the machine, providing a comprehensive and efficient solution. With its sleek design and advanced technology, the Thinman module is a key asset in optimizing machine performance and ensuring seamless integration into diverse operational environments. 




  • Automotive, dust proof design to combat all types of harsh environments

  • Input voltages (18V to 60V)

  • Output voltages (3.3V to 24V)

  • Max Power Output (500W)

  • 8 fully programmable outputs (voltage, power consumption, uptime)

  • 2 four-pin fan outputs (tach, PWM)

  • RS-485, CAN open communication protocols

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In the realm of warehouse robotics, communication methods have remained stagnant, leaving workers confused. Anantak aims to set a new standard with Snapbrights, prioritizing safety and communication. Using a 13x13 grid, these boards display multiple machine statuses simultaneously, ensuring workers easily understand their next operations with integrated shapes, borders, and animations.




  • Fully embedded LED controller

  • CAN, USB, UART peripherals

  • Combine boards up to a 3x3 grid (169x169 LEDs)

  • Auto-adjusting brightness

  • Livestream or embedded image display functionality

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Chantry (LiDAR Safety)

The Chantry board is meticulously crafted to enhance the functionality of the machine's LiDARs, enabling independent operation. This design mitigates potential issues, such as complete failures in the machine's onboard computing system, ensuring enhanced reliability and performance. Representing a significant leap forward in seamless technology integration into warehouse robotics, the Chantry board is an innovative solution for optimizing machine operations.


  • Surge protection on all inputs/outputs

  • Self-resetting fuses

  • 48 unique possible ellipses

  • Variable LiDAR inputs (1-4)

  • Regulated LiDAR power supply

  • Open/closed drain logic

  • Rugged case design built to combat harsh environments

  • Variable input voltage (12V-32V)

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